C0 (fluorine-free) water repellent Development by Daejin S&T Co., Ltd.

C0 (fluorine-free) water repellent

​Currently, famous fashion brands have asked for this treatment on fabric materials continuously. Fluorine is harmful to the human body.​​

​Existing water repelling agents for C8 type, which is one kinds of PFC(Perfluorinated compounds). Especially PFOS (Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid) was detected as cause substance which lowers immune function & reproductive capacity, even causes thyroid disease. so, it was designated as International Environmental Hazardous Substances in 2009.​

​Major makers which manufacture water repelling agents in the world have been selling water repelling agents for C6 type which is eco-friendly fluorinated product.

But C6 type has some potential issue. Greenpeace, international environmental protection agency urges to replace C6 type with C0 (fluorine-free) water repellent as raising concerns over worsening environmental pollution with some reports on C6 type having same structure with C8 type.)

​Until now, C6 type is universal. But several famous brands gradually have asked for fabric materials with C0 (fluorine-free) water repellent.

DAEJIN S&T Co., Ltd. has been responding to this movement quickly with completed C0 (fluorine-free) water repellent by us. Nike, Adidas which are the leading fashion trend company in the world prefer eco-friendly fabric materials than universal ones.

​In the future, our eco-friendly fabric materials could become central ones if general consumers realize the importance of eco-friendly product and this trend is popular in fashion.

Of Daejin S&T’s Products,
Vintage Canvas is
fluorine-free(C0) Water Repellent Treated, techniques
with high level of difficulty.
It could be the Solution
for your products considering Nature and Human.

Global & Sustainable Fabric

Global & Sustainable Fabric

It is said that products contain the trust and philosophy of the company.

So, the quality of the product has attributes that represent it all.

And Since the 20th century, as the power of the brand has been emphasized, the brand has begun to contain both the product quality and a company image.

When product is good, it means that a company’s product is good. And a company with a good product brand uses this point to make the product and the company image, making it more familiar and easier to access to consumers.

In other words, a good product strengthens the brand, and the brand reflects the quality of the product based on trust.

Consumers want to use good products, And also they want to enjoy additional effects on the brand image of the product.

There is probably nothing more convenient than a brand when it comes to meeting the needs of increasingly diverse consumers.

However, it is not easy for a company brand to grow. There is always competition, and the time and financial costs of being recognized to consumers through competition can be astronomical in some cases. Nevertheless, companies still invest heavily in brands.

Recently, small and medium-sized enterprises are also trying to brand their products. It is not easy, but it is the prove that SMEs are preparing for changes.

If a company is producing excellent products, and if a company wants Global Market.

Most of all, In order to make a good product that will make brand image for a company, excellent quality of raw materials is essential.

I would like to introduce the company that produces excellent raw materials in the field of textiles and fabrics.

Daejin S&T is the company that manufactures various fabrics.

Among other products, Waxed Canvas calling “vintage canvas” is Eco-friendly fabric and is already positioned as raw materials for future-thinking products.

If someone is thinking about new brand products in the field using fabrics. Daejin S&T could be a solution for a new brand product.

Global & Sustainable Fabric

제 1차 경남지역 내 중소제조기업의 기업 소개 및 기업생산 제품에 대한 네이버 상위노출 무료 이벤트 UMS

경남지역 내 중소제조기업을 대상으로 기업 또는 기업의 제품을 네이버 포털에 무료로 상위 노출해 드립니다. 본 이벤트는 경남지역 내 중소기업의 제품 홍보를 통해 중소기업의 국내외 시장개척의 가능성을 가시적으로 실현시키고자 하는 목적에 실시합니다.

[참가 대상]
경남지역 내 중소제조기업 대상, 선착순 3개 기업
참가가능범위: 제조기업, 제조서비스기업(선박수리업), 경남지역에 지사를 둔 기업의 경우도 가능함. 이외 UMS에서 기준하는 중소제조기업 범위 안에 해당하는 기업

[이벤트 방법]
상위 노출을 위한 소스를 UMS에 전달하면 UMS에서 무료로 네이버 블로그에 글을 올려 드립니다. 단, 경남지역 중소제조기업만 이벤트에 참여가능하며, 3개 기업만 선착순으로 선정하여 네이버 블로그에 홍보 이벤트를 실시합니다.

[준비할 소스]
1) 기업이나 제품 소개에 관한 내용 (A4용지 2매 작성 필요)
2) 관련 사진 총 10개 이상 (직접 찍은 사진)
3) 주요 키워드 10개 이상
추가되는 주요 키워드는 UMS에서 발굴하여 제공함.
*이외, 필요한 내용은 UMS 에서 추가로 요청할 수 있습니다.(예, 기업 인터뷰)

[컨텐츠 작성]
기업에서 제공하는 소스를 바탕으로 UMS 에서 자체적으로 블로그 글을 작성하게 됩니다.
상위노출을 위해서 경우에 따라 2~3개의 컨텐츠를 제작하게 됩니다.

2020년 10월 7일 ~ 10월 16일 14시

[이벤트 접수기간]
2020년 10월 12일 월요일 14시~ 10월 16일 금요일 14시 까지 (3개 기업 선착순)
접수기간에 접수된 기업만 허용하며, 선착순 모집 완결시 조기 마감됨

[컨텐츠 게시기간]
– 컨텐츠 게시 일에서 한 달간 블로그 내용이 게시됨.
– 참가기업 접수순대로 순차적으로 블로그에 관련 글이 탑재됨.

많은 관심을 가져주시기 바랍니다.
궁금한 사항이 있으시면 언제든지 메일로 연락 바랍니다.



VINTAGE CANVAS / Eco-friendly Fabric

VINTAGE CANVAS est le produits respectueux de l’environnement.
Daejin S&T qui produit “VINTAGE CANVAS” est situé à la Corée du sud.

Parmi des produits de Daejin S&T, VINTAGE CANVAS est le produit inoffensif pour le corps humain en utilisant des méthodes respectueuses de l’environnement. En particulier, “VINTAGE CANVAS” est le produit qui a reçu un brevet coréen en 2019 et est inoffensif pour le corps humain en utilisant la méthode écologique (C0 (Fluorine-free) Water Repellent.

De plus, Daejin S&T fabrique plusieurs produits.
Vous pouvez les confimer sur notre website. (www.daejinsnt.co.kr)

Puisque VINTAGE CANVAS est fabriqué en utilisant le processus de traitement de l’eau. On a 3 avantages principaux.
1. Prévention de la pollution de l’environnement
2. Non cancérigène
3. 100% recyclage

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