Eco-Friendly Synthetic Fabric of DAEJIN S&T

Daejin S&T is synthetic fabric manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly products the future society wants most. In particular, Daejin S&T has three core elements in its eco-friendly products.

Synthetic Fabric ?
In general, we already know that Synthetic fabric is made of chemicals.
But Daejin S&T’s Eco-friendly synthetic fabric is different.

/1. De-Environmental Pollution/

First, Daejin S&T Company considers the environment.
Daejin S&T’s eco-friendly technology is the water treatment process. The water treatment process plays a large role in preventing water pollution.
And also, the existing oil treatment process pollutes air and water by releasing organic volatile compounds. But, the water treatment process does not pollute air and water.
Daejin S&T, an environment-conscious company. It is definitely the company that the future society demands.

/2. Zero carcinogen/

Second, Daejin S&T considers the health of consumers.
Products produced with eco-friendly technology are free from carcinogen problems, and these are ensuring consumer health and safety. This is because the synthetic fabrics are produced by a water treatment process that does not use chemicals related to carcinogens.

/3. 100% Recycling/

Third, Daejin S&T thinks of the earth.
All products made with eco-friendly technology can be recycled 100% . From this, it is to prevent secondary environmental pollution. When we think of the daily waste of fabric, Daejin S&T’s products are no longer fabric waste, They have value as another resource.

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